Our Vision and Mission

The Council’s Vision
To achieve Universal Responsiveness to Consumer Rights & Obligations in the Surface and Marine Transport.

The Council’s Mission
To empower Consumers through influencing policy, decision – making processes and practices in the Surface and Marine Transport Services, so as to ensure Consumers’ Rights and Obligations are well articulated and represented.

The Council’s Motto.
‘Dedicated to safeguarding Consumers Interests and Rights in Surface and Marine Transport Services’

Our Core Values

  • Excellence driven by the highest standards of technological advancement, ethics, and operational performance.
  • Integrity in what we do and how we work.
  • Responsiveness to the evolving needs of individual Consumer, group Consumers, and communities within dynamic environments.
  • Respect for human rights and interests, the diversity of ideas and needs, and the contributions of our stakeholders and colleagues at all levels
  • Dedication to the pursuit of the Council through the collective wisdom and experience of a committed staff.

Accountability to those who benefit from our work, those who entrust us with their resources, our collaborators and each other.

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